I have lost my login details. What do I do?
Please contact

I am a presenter and need to edit my Digital Poster. How do I do this?
Re-upload your poster with a differnet title indicating the version into your presenter portal and send a quick email to

Is there a charge to utilise this digital poster service?
No, this is a cost covered and service offered by the Conference Organising Committee. There will be no charge to the presenter or delegate to view.

I do not want public access to view and download my presentation. What do I do?
Please contact to inform us of your decision. If you are yet to upload your file please ensure you indicate your intention when asked prior to uploading the completed file.

Who created Digital Posters?
The Conference Organising Committee have appointed Paperless Events to generate this service. For further information please visit

How do I get in contact with Paperless Events if I have technical questions or problems with creating my Digital Poster ?
We have a chat and email system in place to help with any enquiries relating to creating your digital poster. We will be online from Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm AEST and we will reply to emails within 24hrs. The chat is in the bottom right hand corner of this page. Any offline messages will be answered via email. Send an email directly

How do I get a certificate of attendance/poster presentation?
Please contact the Conference secretariat. This service does not generate this particular documentation.

Want to be kept up to date on GIC2015?
We will be posting updates to everything relating to Digital Posters on our Facebook and Twitter.