GIC 2015 Flash Presentations

Presenter Name Number Flash Presentation Title
Anne Douglass 101160

A How-To Guide for Implementing Parenting Programs in the United States

Anne Douglass
Zoe Wrigley, Gretchen Bjornstad, Hazel Price, Nick Axford, Judy Hutchings and Suzy Clarkson. 101111

An exploration of the sustainability and scale up of the KiVa anti-bullying programme in Wales

Zoe Wrigley, Gretchen Bjornstad, Hazel Price, Nick Axford, Judy Hutchings and Suzy Clarkson.
Michelle Dockter 101150

An Implementation Challenge: Making them believe!

Michelle Dockter
Tamara Halle 10096

An Integrated Stage-Based Framework for Implementation: A Universal Guide and Planning Tool

Tamara Halle
Rosa Lau 10091

Barriers to and facilitators of implementation of complex interventions in primary care: a systematic review of reviews

Rosa Lau
Brenda Szumski 101162

Bringing an EBP to National Scale: A Partnership between Chile and MST Services

Brenda Szumski
Christine Ritchie 101118

Care Ecosystem: Integrating Data, Contextualizing Knowledge and Dementia Care through Dialogue and Information Exchange

Christine Ritchie
Katherine Harford, Shirley Martin 100100

Changing the way we work:Preparing a community for evidence based early intervention programme

Katherine Harford, Shirley Martin
Heather Champeau 10093

Collaborating with Collaborators to Affect Health Literacy: A Knowledge Transfer Framework

Heather Champeau
Aprille Flint, Crystal Luffberry 100103

Community Partnering in Real Time – All the Time: The New Norm for Getting to Social Impact

Aprille Flint, Crystal Luffberry
Russell Frank 101113

Data to Drive Democratic School District Transformation

Russell Frank
Elsa Droog 101142

Developing the reconfiguration plans for integrated urgent & emergency care systems [EUCSs]: examining the consultation process & the sustainability of implementation decisions

Elsa Droog
Lucia Prihodova 101136

Development and Implementation of a Knowledge Translation and Exchange Model

Lucia Prihodova
Catherine Hayes, Miriam OShea 10098

Development of a methodological framework to assess the conditions …….

Catherine Hayes, Miriam OShea
Stephanie Bradley 101138

Diagnostic Needs Assessment at the State Level: Intermediary Organizations Translating Research to Policy and Practice

Stephanie Bradley
William Aldridge 101170

Embedding Active Implementation and Scaling Functions within Community Prevention Delivery Systems

William Aldridge
James Barry 101154

Engaging the end user – the missing link in implementation science?

James Barry
Rachel Sutherland 101110

Enhancing the implementation and adoption of a multi-component physical activity intervention in disadvantaged secondary schools

Rachel Sutherland
Sheena McHugh 101132

Establishing national leadership to support regional implementation: an evaluation of the National Clinical Programme in Diabetes in Ireland.

Sheena McHugh
Will Aldridge 101157

Evaluating Capacity and Infrastructure for Large Scale Social Impact: An Implementation Evaluation of the Triple P System in Two North Carolina Counties, USA

Will Aldridge
Liat Sikron-Vazan 100105

Evaluation of the Family Literacy Initiative (FLI)- Helping Implementers See The Whole Picture

Liat Sikron-Vazan
Aisling Sheehan 100104

Evaluation of the implementation of a research capacity-building programme for nurses in South Africa

Aisling Sheehan
Inge Busschers, Marc Dinkgreve 101147

Every child safe forever: the development of relentless family case management and the end of parole and other court orders

Inge Busschers, Marc Dinkgreve
Christina Loitz 101153

Examining communication and partnerships of Active Living Organizations in Alberta

Christina Loitz
Felix Van Urk 10109

Exploring the feasibility and reliability of a function-focused approach towards implementation fidelity in complex interventions

Felix Van Urk
Sarah Fitzgerald 100107

Facilitators and barriers to successful implementation of complex workplace dietary interventions from the managers’ perspective: process evaluation results from the Food Choice at Work Study (FCW)

Sarah Fitzgerald
Marie-Therese Schultes 100108

Fidelity measures as intervention boosters: The diary method

Marie-Therese Schultes
Rodd Bond 101139


Rodd Bond
Fredrik Lindencrona 101148

How can capacity for implementation and innovation be built in mental health systems transformation efforts?

Fredrik Lindencrona
Winnie Donoghue 101163

How can we work together to move towards large social impact?

Winnie Donoghue
Britta Ravn 101134

How to gain the full impact from large scale implementation of a cross sectorial program

Britta Ravn
Tori Russell 101116

Identifying and Using Data for Decision-Making in Support of Innovation Implementation

Tori Russell
Brandy Maynard 101166

Impact of Campbell Collaboration Systematic Reviews on Policy, Practice, and Research

Brandy Maynard
Barbara van der Linden 10083

Implementation expertise: experiences in developing implementation infrastructure in the Netherlands

Barbara van der Linden
Dan Hartnett 101159

Implementation of Functional Family Therapy in an Irish Context: The Archways Families First Experience.

Dan Hartnett
Leonieke Boendermaker 101141

Implementation of quality standards on the prevention of sexual abuse in Dutch youth care services

Leonieke Boendermaker
Geneva Hallett 101161

Implementation Science: Taking the Pyramid Model to Scale

Geneva Hallett
Amy Cassata 101119

Implementation-Informed Decision-Making: A Process for Researcher-District Leader Collaboration

Amy Cassata
Sigrid James 101129

Implementing EBPs in residential care settings - lessons learned from two surveys and two review

Sigrid James
Kristen Lwin 10087

Implementing Evidence-informed Practice in Child Welfare: The Role of the Organization

Kristen Lwin
Carol Sinnott 101117

Implementing medication review for multimorbid patients in primary care

Carol Sinnott
Stephanie Bryson 10097

Implementing Trauma Informed Care in Inpatient Child and Youth Psychiatric Settings

Stephanie Bryson
Ameet Babre 101144

Improving Access to Safe Delivery Services– The Janani Express Initiative of Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

Ameet Babre
Stephanie Bryson 101152

Improving Social Skills Groups for Children with ASD in Community Mental Health Centers: Implementation Lessons Learned (the Hard Way)

Stephanie Bryson
Nicole Nathan 101123

Increasing the implementation of school fruit and vegetable schemes in a population of schools: a non- randomised controlled trial

Nicole Nathan
Marlene Matarese 101168

Infrastructures and Their Potential as Facilitators for Implementation

Marlene Matarese
Donna L. Burton 100102

Innovative Graduate Research Education and Community Partnerships for Contextualized Knowledge Building in Adolescent Behavioral Health

Donna L. Burton
Jill Stoddart 101125

Integrated or Delegated Model of Family Finding: Comparison study between implentation outcomes in two Child Welfare Organizations

Jill Stoddart
Helga Breimaier 101124

Internal consistency and construct validity of measures used to retrospectively evaluate the process of a fall prevention clinical practice guideline implementation project in a hospital setting

Helga Breimaier
Felix Van Urk 101156

Involving Stakeholders in Program Theory Specification: Discussion of a Systematic, Consensus-Based Approach

Felix Van Urk
Stella Owens 10082

Keeping our I's on the Prize - the Impact and Influence of the Implementation Initiative in Ireland

Stella Owens
Aoife Lawton 101135

Knowledge broker intervention to increase impact and capture knowledge

Aoife Lawton
Jo Andreini, Dominic Weston 101158

Maximising the chances of effective delivery

Jo Andreini, Dominic Weston
Amy Cassata 101112

Measuring educational interventions in context: A system for identifying how and why instructional materials are effective

Amy Cassata
Lotus S. Bast 101115

Measuring implementation fidelity and the effect on smoking: The X:IT Study - a school randomized smoking prevention program

Lotus S. Bast
Pauline Goense 10108

Measuring treatment integrity: use of and experiences with instruments in everyday settings

Pauline Goense
Anne M. Denbaek 100106

Process evaluation of a multi-component intervention to reduce infectious diseases and improve hygiene and well-being among school children: The Hi Five Study

Anne M. Denbaek
Colin Waterman 101167

Promoting Evidence Based and Research Informed Practice in the UK

Colin Waterman
Christa Rustler 101131

Proven performance and shared good practice by implementation of the concept of ENSH-Global Network for Tobacco Free Health Care Services

Christa Rustler
Shauna MacEachern, Luciana Rodrigues 10088

Reflecting on System Level Implementation and Sustainability Mechanisms

Shauna MacEachern, Luciana Rodrigues
Tim Hobbs, Cassandra Ohlson 101130

Replicating interventions successfully: lessons from the Realising Ambiton project

Tim Hobbs, Cassandra Ohlson
Julia E. Moore 101146

Scaling up and sustaining an evidence-informed healthcare implementation intervention: Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders (MOVE)

Julia E. Moore
Tom  OConnor 101164

Senior, Mid-level and Line Staff Alignment for Organizational Change: The Importance of Self Development, Dialogue Coaching and Collaboration For Building the Implementation Infrastructure

Tom  OConnor
Sarah Woods 10099

SNAP® Youth Justice: Collaborative development and implementation of an evidence-based strategy for youth across justice settings in Ontario, Canada

Sarah Woods
Natalie Douglas 10094

State of Michigan Survey Results within an Implementation Science Framework

Natalie Douglas
Sara J. Landes 10092

Supporting Grass Roots Implementation through a Virtual Community of Practice

Sara J. Landes
Laura J. Hall 101128

Sustaining Evidence-Based Practices by University Graduates in Special Education

Laura J. Hall
Anna Long 101114

Teachers’ Intervention Planning and Perceived Implementation Barriers: A Statewide Exploratory Study

Anna Long
Aisling Sheehan 10089

The ABC of implementation infrastructure: Building implementation capacity in local communities for the Irish Area Based Childhood Programme

Aisling Sheehan
Fiona Keogh 101143

The challenge of implementing policy: learning across three sectors from an Irish backbone organisation

Fiona Keogh
Jennifer Karre, Daniel Perkins 101133

The Clearinghouse for Military Family Readiness’ Continuum of Evidence: A tool to aid knowledge translation and exchange

Jennifer Karre, Daniel Perkins
Abe Wandersman, Jennifer Duffy, Andrea Lamont 10095

The Dissemination and Implementation of the Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination and Implementation

Abe Wandersman, Jennifer Duffy, Andrea Lamont
Caryn Ward 101127

The District Capacity Assessment: Measuring the “next right steps” in US Education

Caryn Ward
Robin Urquhart 101140

The impact of distance on scale-up: findings from a multiple case study in Nova Scotia, Canada

Robin Urquhart
Sandra Laine, Suzanne Perry 101151

The Impact of Implementation Science on State Education Agency Capacity Building

Sandra Laine, Suzanne Perry
Natalie Douglas 101120

The Impact of Improvement Cycles on the Implementation of a Non-Pharmacological Intervention for Residents with Memory Impairment Living Independently with Services

Natalie Douglas
Keith Aronson 101149

The Importance of Staying on Track in Implementing Evidence Based Interventions for the Treatment of PTSD in a Military Outpatient Clinic

Keith Aronson
Bill Painter 101165

The key for maximizing social impact; Leaders that Inspire

Bill Painter
Marlene Matarese 10086

The National Wraparound Implementation Center (NWIC): Building Local Capacity in Wraparound Implementation through a Cascading Workforce Development Approach

Marlene Matarese
Jennifer Gaubert 101121

The Role of Rigorous Research in Improving Service Delivery

Jennifer Gaubert
Jacquie Brown, Jenna McWilliam 101171

The Role of the Purveyor Organisation in Promoting Sustainability in a Self-regulatory Framework

Jacquie Brown, Jenna McWilliam
Jacquie Brown 10081

The Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network: an adapted Collective Impact exemplar for Social Impact within Neuroscience Innovation Ecosystems cast in the Canadian context

Jacquie Brown
Maura Kearney 100101

Towards a Nurturing City: Education, Health & Social Work Services working together to develop evidence informed approaches to support Glasgow’s children and young people

Maura Kearney
Oscar Fleming 10084

Transforming Technical Assistance and Training: Proving implementaiton Informed Support for complex system change- the US maternal and Child Health Workforc eDevelopment Center

Oscar Fleming
Ingela Käll 101126

Use of outcome measures improved after a tailored implementation in primary care physiotherapy: a prospective, controlled study.

Ingela Käll
Steve Robert Makkar 101122

Using conjoint analysis to develop SAGE: A system to measure and score research use in health policy making

Steve Robert Makkar
Anette Arnesen Groenlie 10090

“Early Initiatives for Children at Risk” (TIBIR) - an example of an implementation structure to ensure scaling and capacity development for large scale social impact

Anette Arnesen Groenlie