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Sheena McHugh 101132

Establishing national leadership to support regional implementation: an evaluation of the National Clinical Programme in Diabetes in Ireland.

Sheena McHugh
Barbara van der Linden 10083

Implementation expertise: experiences in developing implementation infrastructure in the Netherlands

Barbara van der Linden
Marlene Matarese 101168

Infrastructures and Their Potential as Facilitators for Implementation

Marlene Matarese
Stella Owens 10082

Keeping our I's on the Prize - the Impact and Influence of the Implementation Initiative in Ireland

Stella Owens
Jacquie Brown 10081

The Spinal Cord Injury Knowledge Mobilization Network: an adapted Collective Impact exemplar for Social Impact within Neuroscience Innovation Ecosystems cast in the Canadian context

Jacquie Brown
Oscar Fleming 10084

Transforming Technical Assistance and Training: Proving implementaiton Informed Support for complex system change- the US maternal and Child Health Workforc eDevelopment Center

Oscar Fleming