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Christine Ritchie 101118

Care Ecosystem: Integrating Data, Contextualizing Knowledge and Dementia Care through Dialogue and Information Exchange

Christine Ritchie
Tori Russell 101116

Identifying and Using Data for Decision-Making in Support of Innovation Implementation

Tori Russell
Brandy Maynard 101166

Impact of Campbell Collaboration Systematic Reviews on Policy, Practice, and Research

Brandy Maynard
Amy Cassata 101119

Implementation-Informed Decision-Making: A Process for Researcher-District Leader Collaboration

Amy Cassata
Carol Sinnott 101117

Implementing medication review for multimorbid patients in primary care

Carol Sinnott
Natalie Douglas 101120

The Impact of Improvement Cycles on the Implementation of a Non-Pharmacological Intervention for Residents with Memory Impairment Living Independently with Services

Natalie Douglas
Jennifer Gaubert 101121

The Role of Rigorous Research in Improving Service Delivery

Jennifer Gaubert