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Rosa Lau 10091

Barriers to and facilitators of implementation of complex interventions in primary care: a systematic review of reviews

Rosa Lau
Inge Busschers, Marc Dinkgreve 101147

Every child safe forever: the development of relentless family case management and the end of parole and other court orders

Inge Busschers, Marc Dinkgreve
Fredrik Lindencrona 101148

How can capacity for implementation and innovation be built in mental health systems transformation efforts?

Fredrik Lindencrona
Kristen Lwin 10087

Implementing Evidence-informed Practice in Child Welfare: The Role of the Organization

Kristen Lwin
Shauna MacEachern, Luciana Rodrigues 10088

Reflecting on System Level Implementation and Sustainability Mechanisms

Shauna MacEachern, Luciana Rodrigues
Julia E. Moore 101146

Scaling up and sustaining an evidence-informed healthcare implementation intervention: Mobilization of Vulnerable Elders (MOVE)

Julia E. Moore
Tom  OConnor 101164

Senior, Mid-level and Line Staff Alignment for Organizational Change: The Importance of Self Development, Dialogue Coaching and Collaboration For Building the Implementation Infrastructure

Tom  OConnor
Sara J. Landes 10092

Supporting Grass Roots Implementation through a Virtual Community of Practice

Sara J. Landes
Aisling Sheehan 10089

The ABC of implementation infrastructure: Building implementation capacity in local communities for the Irish Area Based Childhood Programme

Aisling Sheehan
Sandra Laine, Suzanne Perry 101151

The Impact of Implementation Science on State Education Agency Capacity Building

Sandra Laine, Suzanne Perry
Keith Aronson 101149

The Importance of Staying on Track in Implementing Evidence Based Interventions for the Treatment of PTSD in a Military Outpatient Clinic

Keith Aronson
Anette Arnesen Groenlie 10090

“Early Initiatives for Children at Risk” (TIBIR) - an example of an implementation structure to ensure scaling and capacity development for large scale social impact

Anette Arnesen Groenlie