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Elsa Droog 101142

Developing the reconfiguration plans for integrated urgent & emergency care systems [EUCSs]: examining the consultation process & the sustainability of implementation decisions

Elsa Droog
William Aldridge 101170

Embedding Active Implementation and Scaling Functions within Community Prevention Delivery Systems

William Aldridge
Winnie Donoghue 101163

How can we work together to move towards large social impact?

Winnie Donoghue
Britta Ravn 101134

How to gain the full impact from large scale implementation of a cross sectorial program

Britta Ravn
Leonieke Boendermaker 101141

Implementation of quality standards on the prevention of sexual abuse in Dutch youth care services

Leonieke Boendermaker
Ameet Babre 101144

Improving Access to Safe Delivery Services– The Janani Express Initiative of Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

Ameet Babre
Fiona Keogh 101143

The challenge of implementing policy: learning across three sectors from an Irish backbone organisation

Fiona Keogh
Robin Urquhart 101140

The impact of distance on scale-up: findings from a multiple case study in Nova Scotia, Canada

Robin Urquhart
Bill Painter 101165

The key for maximizing social impact; Leaders that Inspire

Bill Painter