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Michelle Dockter 101150

An Implementation Challenge: Making them believe!

Michelle Dockter
Katherine Harford, Shirley Martin 100100

Changing the way we work:Preparing a community for evidence based early intervention programme

Katherine Harford, Shirley Martin
Heather Champeau 10093

Collaborating with Collaborators to Affect Health Literacy: A Knowledge Transfer Framework

Heather Champeau
Aprille Flint, Crystal Luffberry 100103

Community Partnering in Real Time – All the Time: The New Norm for Getting to Social Impact

Aprille Flint, Crystal Luffberry
James Barry 101154

Engaging the end user – the missing link in implementation science?

James Barry
Christina Loitz 101153

Examining communication and partnerships of Active Living Organizations in Alberta

Christina Loitz
Stephanie Bryson 101152

Improving Social Skills Groups for Children with ASD in Community Mental Health Centers: Implementation Lessons Learned (the Hard Way)

Stephanie Bryson
Donna L. Burton 100102

Innovative Graduate Research Education and Community Partnerships for Contextualized Knowledge Building in Adolescent Behavioral Health

Donna L. Burton
Felix Van Urk 101156

Involving Stakeholders in Program Theory Specification: Discussion of a Systematic, Consensus-Based Approach

Felix Van Urk
Sarah Woods 10099

SNAP® Youth Justice: Collaborative development and implementation of an evidence-based strategy for youth across justice settings in Ontario, Canada

Sarah Woods
Maura Kearney 100101

Towards a Nurturing City: Education, Health & Social Work Services working together to develop evidence informed approaches to support Glasgow’s children and young people

Maura Kearney