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Tamara Halle 10096

An Integrated Stage-Based Framework for Implementation: A Universal Guide and Planning Tool

Tamara Halle
Catherine Hayes, Miriam OShea 10098

Development of a methodological framework to assess the conditions …….

Catherine Hayes, Miriam OShea
Stephanie Bryson 10097

Implementing Trauma Informed Care in Inpatient Child and Youth Psychiatric Settings

Stephanie Bryson
Colin Waterman 101167

Promoting Evidence Based and Research Informed Practice in the UK

Colin Waterman
Natalie Douglas 10094

State of Michigan Survey Results within an Implementation Science Framework

Natalie Douglas
Abe Wandersman, Jennifer Duffy, Andrea Lamont 10095

The Dissemination and Implementation of the Interactive Systems Framework for Dissemination and Implementation

Abe Wandersman, Jennifer Duffy, Andrea Lamont
Jacquie Brown, Jenna McWilliam 101171

The Role of the Purveyor Organisation in Promoting Sustainability in a Self-regulatory Framework

Jacquie Brown, Jenna McWilliam