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Author Name Number Title
Jill Stoddart 101125

Integrated or Delegated Model of Family Finding: Comparison study between implentation outcomes in two Child Welfare Organizations

Jill Stoddart
Helga Breimaier 101124

Internal consistency and construct validity of measures used to retrospectively evaluate the process of a fall prevention clinical practice guideline implementation project in a hospital setting

Helga Breimaier
Amy Cassata 101112

Measuring educational interventions in context: A system for identifying how and why instructional materials are effective

Amy Cassata
Caryn Ward 101127

The District Capacity Assessment: Measuring the “next right steps” in US Education

Caryn Ward
Ingela Käll 101126

Use of outcome measures improved after a tailored implementation in primary care physiotherapy: a prospective, controlled study.

Ingela Käll
Steve Robert Makkar 101122

Using conjoint analysis to develop SAGE: A system to measure and score research use in health policy making

Steve Robert Makkar