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Author Name Number Title
Liat Sikron-Vazan 100105

Evaluation of the Family Literacy Initiative (FLI)- Helping Implementers See The Whole Picture

Liat Sikron-Vazan
Felix Van Urk 10109

Exploring the feasibility and reliability of a function-focused approach towards implementation fidelity in complex interventions

Felix Van Urk
Sarah Fitzgerald 100107

Facilitators and barriers to successful implementation of complex workplace dietary interventions from the managers’ perspective: process evaluation results from the Food Choice at Work Study (FCW)

Sarah Fitzgerald
Marie-Therese Schultes 100108

Fidelity measures as intervention boosters: The diary method

Marie-Therese Schultes
Pauline Goense 10108

Measuring treatment integrity: use of and experiences with instruments in everyday settings

Pauline Goense
Anne M. Denbaek 100106

Process evaluation of a multi-component intervention to reduce infectious diseases and improve hygiene and well-being among school children: The Hi Five Study

Anne M. Denbaek